Lagos is a gorgeous city of Nigeria to spend vacations.

Many tourists’ spots and destinations are placed in the entire globe to accommodate the tourists and say welcome to them warmly. When most of the people plan their trip to one on any tourist’s destination of the world. They mostly keep two things in mind that famous place to execute party celebrations and pleasant climate. These both elements of joys are available in abundance in Africa. African region is declared the most visited and liked region as far as tourism is concerned.

Famous conurbations of Africa are Lagos, Accra, Harare and Cairo. Cairo is the capital of Egypt. Egypt is very famous country for its old civilization and grand Pyramids. These Pyramids of Egypt are very famous among the tourists of the world. There are more or less 80 to 93 Pyramids located at Egypt. These Pyramids were built in the period of 80 years with the help of 20 to 30 thousand workers. These Pyramids were built in 1500bc to 2600bc. The biggest Pyramid is located at Giza. This Pyramid is called the great Pyramid. This Pyramid is 481 feet high and it’s really a treat to watch these fabulous Pyramids.

Like wise Lagos is full of mind blowing and gorgeous attractions. Lagos is situated on the banks of Atlantic Ocean. Lagos is full of stunning beaches. There is an array of beaches located at Lagos. The most famous beaches located at Lagos are Akodo beach, Alpha beach, Bar beach, Eleko beach, Lekki beach and Tarkawa beach. Cheap flights to Lagos with Arik Air and flights to Lagos through Emirates Airlines are the best choices to visit Lagos for the tourists of the world.

Apart from these beaches the most visited and liked places to visit at Lagos is Tarzan Boat club, Ikoyi club. Freedom Park on Broad Street opened in October 2010 to mark Nigeria’s 50th anniversary.Tafawa Balewa Square, The Apapa Amusement Park, the coastal town of Badagry.Black heritage museum and Synagogue Church. This church is also known as church of all nations. Visit this one of the most amazing city of Africa which is blessed with gorgeous beauties and enjoy your time with family and loved ones. Lagos is undoubtedly the best conurbation of Nigeria and by in large the whole of Africa to visit. Lagos is clearly matchless city in the whole of Africa with its endless beauties. Visit this tremendous and amazing city to enjoy your vacations along with family and friends.

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