Magnificent Nigeria! The heart of West Africa


Lagos is perhaps one of the most important cities in West Africa. It is touched by widespread poverty but also with a lot of liveliness and modernity. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and is a pearl for developing Africa. By 2020 it is that that it would be among [Read more…]

Lagos is a gorgeous city of Nigeria to spend vacations.


Many tourists’ spots and destinations are placed in the entire globe to accommodate the tourists and say welcome to them warmly. When most of the people plan their trip to one on any tourist’s destination of the world. They mostly keep two things in mind that famous place to execute party celebrations and pleasant climate. [Read more…]

Tourists from all over the world visit Lagos to have parties.


Africa is best continent of the world to visit from all around the world. Tourists from all corner of the world by choice chose this region to celebrate their vacations and enjoy holidays. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to take a decision about any tourists place to visit once many places with more or less [Read more…]